Self service - selfish

"a seeking after one's own benefit (before those of others)," 1580s, from self + seeking , verbal noun from seek . As an adjective, from 1620s.

This quote from Chapter XIV highlights warcraft as both an academic discipline that can be studied through historical examples and as a matter of practical experience. For Machiavelli, all affairs of government are viewed through a military lens, because the ultimate goal of a government is self-preservation; military defense—embracing ideas of strategy, diplomacy, and geography—is the means by which governments preserve themselves. Machiavelli does not conceive of the prince as a man skilled in many disciplines, but rather as one whose sole responsibility is to ensure the stability of the state that he governs.

“The things that make a marriage last have more to do with communication skills, mental health , social support, stress — those are the things that allow it to last or not,” says Arthur Aron, a psychology professor who directs the Interpersonal Relationships Laboratory at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. “But those things don’t necessarily make it meaningful or enjoyable or sustaining to the individual.”

Self Service - SelfishSelf Service - SelfishSelf Service - SelfishSelf Service - Selfish